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The Engaging Model

Strategic Planning that Works

Strategic planning is widely used as a tool for revitalizing corporations, nonprofits and government agencies. It provides guidance in defining and fulfilling a mission with maximum impact and efficiency. Every successful organization should develop or revamp its strategic plan every three to five years.

To avoid developing a five-year-plan that is never referred to after its creation, we have designed the Engaging Model, which engages the major stakeholder groups to build a usable and realistic plan. A successful plan serves as a working document that informs and guides the organization toward major improvement in its impact and relevance in whatever capacity the organization stands for.

MLC Solutions’ Engaging Model is an effective and proven approach to strategic planning. We start by gathering input from board, staff and stakeholders, granting them ownership of the process by communicating to them that everyone’s views are necessary and appreciated. By providing them with engaging opportunities to consider the mission of the organization, they ensure program activities and plans are coherent and relevant to achieving the group’s mission. We also help facilitate strategic planning meetings with engaging and interactive techniques. Finally, when we complete the Strategic Plan, it embodies the collective organizational vision for the future and includes effective strategies and realistic goals that everyone with a vested interest in the organization’s success formulated collectively.

A Strategic Plan is not a wish list or a report; rather it provides a blueprint for growth and revitalization, enabling an organization to take stock of where it stands, determines where it wants to go, and plot the appropriate course to get there.

There are three major stages in our model:


Three Stages of the Engaging Model

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