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Success Stories

Challenge: A few ambitious leaders intended to establish an enormous organization but did not know how to fund their project.
Solution: MLC Solutions developed a comprehensive nationwide fundraising plan to raise $75M within four years, which puts them on the right track to start funding the project.

Challenge: An association of over 50 member organizations was struggling to identify, agree upon and focus on its long-term priorities.
Solution: MLC Solutions conducted a 12-month thorough strategic planning process, through which many leaders of the member organizations involved were clear about their top priorities and what exactly they must do about them within the next five years.

Challenge: A local organization, in operation for over 27 years, was struggling to expand its donor-base beyond the same people donating year after year.
Solution: MLC Solutions developed a customized fundraising plan and as a result, it quadrupled its donor-base within 18 months as well as increased significantly its annual contributions.

Challenge: A school had not been successful in raising enough funds during its annual banquet for the past few years.
Solution: MLC Solutions planned and coordinated its next annual banquet where the school raised triple the amount it had raised in previous years.

Challenge: An ethnic-based organization was not able to attract new members, who are scattered all over the U.S., and wanted to expand its membership and sources of revenue.
Solution: We developed an outreach and marketing plan to reach and recruit potential members and as a result, the organization got back on the right track to reach its membership goals.

Challenge: A city’s Board of Education wanted to help teachers get more organized and less stressed, especially during grading times.
Solution: MLC Solutions was hired to provide a day-long seminar to help over 400 teachers develop their self-management skills. In a follow-up meeting, the teachers reported to have much less work stress and became more organized.

Challenge: A mosque was wondering how to approach funding its costly expansion project while still meeting its annual operational budget.
Solution: MLC Solutions developed detailed fundraising strategies, which when implemented could raise the needed funds before the target date.

Challenge: A media agency launched new products but was not able to reach potential customers.
Solution: MLC Solutions developed its marketing plan, which created enough awareness and immense interest amongst the targeted market.

 Challenge: A telecommunications company found itself bound to a local market and wanted to expand outside its city.
Solution: MLC Solutions developed its Business Plan with this objective, which put the company on the national map for the services it provides.

Challenge: An organization was internally struggling within its board and other stakeholders to agree on any future directions, which resulted in disputes and greatly undermined its leadership in the community it services.
Solution: MLC Solutions conducted a thorough situation assessment and facilitated a full-day strategy retreat amongst various stakeholders, which led to full agreement towards which strategic directions the organization should head.

If your organization has a challenge similar to any of these sample cases, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our services.


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