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Step 2: Strategic Direction

Where do we want to be?

Using the information derived from the strategic assessment, we develop or review the organization’s vision, mission and core values statements. A short, simple and inspiring vision establishes the course for an organization to arrive at its target destination. The mission statement defines the purpose of the organization and provides the reason for its existence.

If you have these statements in place, are you totally convinced of them? Is your current course of action serving your mission? Do you operate according to your core values? Do you absolutely need to adjust your statements or align your operations to serve them? If you do not have vision, mission and core value statements, or if you are absolutely certain that the current statements are not relevant and effective, then we would proceed to a systematic process to develop them.

We also identify a set of Prioritized Critical Issues, which are the key priorities that we need to focus on and address during the strategic planning process. These would be broad objectives we intend to focus on during the period we are planning for, and which directly serve your mission. The SWOT analysis will help us pinpoint these priorities.

Goal development involves setting specific targets you seek to accomplish over a defined period of time, in order to address every critical issue separately. Each critical issue should lead to the formation of one to several goals. At this stage, we would also address any obstacles or challenges that could prevent us from achieving your goals. If such obstacles exist, we devise strategies to drive the organization toward its intended direction and overcome any potential hurdles to your success.

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