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Stage 3: Implementation planning

How do we get there?

At this juncture, we address how to ensure the Strategic Plan does not end up collecting dust somewhere. This is done through Action Planning, a Structured Monitoring Process, and Measurable Performance Review.

Action plans are either developed by us as consultants, or internally by managers who specify what action steps, responsibilities, and timetables each goal requires to be accomplished. Customarily, we assist your staff in drafting a workable action plan that informs everyone in your organization of what needs to be done in order to achieve your goals during the first year of your strategic plan. The action plan can be expressed in a table that includes the action steps, who each step is delegated to, and the due date for every goal, with clear deliverables.

Once your future direction and action plan have been defined, the next step is to focus attention on implementation of the plan. Without a structured process to monitor implementation, it is not realistic to expect the strategic plan to be implemented. Developing a strategy to monitor progress is crucial at this stage. Specific benchmarks should be identified as key performance indicators to measure progress.

During monitoring of the implementation, you need to assess progress, evaluate performance against action plans, and identify any difficulties and changes that could require you to adjust your action plans or specific goals.

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