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Fundraising Strategies

Fundraising Plan Development

MLC Solutions provides comprehensive Fundraising Planning to raise specific target amounts for specific causes. The Fundraising Planning is prepared in multiple phases and will examine various potential sources of contributions. It will cover in details the most effective and professional strategies available to raise the target amount needed within a set deadline, including but not limited to, addressing donor demographics, fundraising vehicles and strategies, management support, and plan implementation guidelines.

The fundraising plan will be developed in an integrated multifaceted approach that could include, amongst other strategies, one-on-one appeals, special public events, direct mail and online solicitation campaigns, commercials, as well as print, online, mobile, and social media campaigns, etc. The fundraising plan that MLC Solutions provides will also address building the financial development infrastructure of your organization, including exploring new and diversified sources of revenue, encouraging various methods of charitable donations and deploying tools that will add to the strategic financial growth of your organization. The plan will also cover the multi-year budget that will detail fundraising costs and forecasted revenues per strategy. A fundraising plan could include the followings:

  • Effective branding and marketing strategies.

  • Organizing special events in partnership with local organizations.

  • Developing direct mail campaigns.

  • Communication materials such as brochures, information packets, fundraising and donation stationeries, print ads, internet banners, multi-media presentations, commercials, and media stories.

  • Online giving campaigns, including internet marketing, website contents and tools, e-newsletter and e-mail appeals, as well as search engine optimization.

  • Promotional items and strategies as needed.

  • Evaluation of the success of various strategies and campaigns to improve upon them, especially analyzing donor and market data to further develop outreach initiatives.

  • Ensuring professional donor relations and communications while projecting a professional image of your organization through high quality, creative and effective initiatives and campaigns.

  • Increasing awareness and building momentum about your project or cause.

  • Catering to the various sectors of your community such as the youth and professionals, the technically savvy, and those who are accustomed to making charitable contributions in different methods.

  • Relationship building with institutions and organizations of strategic interest to fund your cause.


Fundraising Plan Implementation

In some occasion, a consultant or more from MLC Solutions will serve as the Fundraising Strategy Adviser of your organization during the Implementation Stage of the Fundraising Plan.  As the Fundraising Strategy Advisor, MLC Solutions will oversee and coordinate the different aspects of implementing the fundraising, working with your organization’s leaders, staff and volunteers as well as contractors as needed. It will also include oversight regarding donor-relations such as issuing individual and end-of-year receipts, thank-you for pledge letters, pledge reminder letters, answering donors’ correspondences and facilitating pledged payments on installments, as well as maintaining the database and system of donors and potential donors.


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